Box of 500 Keg Collars (Generic)

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Product Overview

Conform to the legal wording requirements with our Generic Keg Collars! If you aren't yet ready to go with BRANDED Keg Collars, our Generic Keg Collars can be stamped with an inkless stamper, printed labels applied, or written on with a Sharpie or other permanent marker, to provide your brewery contact information and name of the brew contained within!

Use a highlighter to clearly and quickly mark the date on the perimeter of the collar. Keg Collar is 6-3/4" in diameter and die cut for easy installation over the keg neck where it will stay securely until you wish to remove it.

This item is also available in the COMBO category, paired with an equal number of Generic Keg Caps, if you prefer! LINK TO COMBO HERE.